Narasi and Basic proudly presents, Ideanation Future Festival. Experience Innovation Festival that combines Talks, Innovator’s Showcase and Entertainment in one place. Visitor and industry can directly interact about ideas an also experience the products that have been created by innovators. - IDEAPITCH BATTLE FROM IDEANATION FINALIST - KEYNOTE SPEECH BY RIDWAN KAMIL - INNOVATION TALKSHOW • Kiwi Aliwarga • Farid Naufal • Nazier Arifin • Rama Raditya • Yoris Sebastian • Adi Panuntun • Marshall Utoyo • And many more - IDEANATION AWARDING NIGHT - ENTERTAINMENT • Raisa - INNOVATION EXHIBITIONS • Qlue • Nodeflux • Fabelio • Jabar Digital Service • e-Fishery • Habibie Garden • Agate • My Smash • Tangan Bionik Kamatechno • And many more - IDEANATION BRAND MOMENT Wait, there's MORE! IT’S F & B ZONE Enough wondering, get your tickets now! More lineups coming up. Get yourself updated by following our Instagram @in.ideanation and See you!